When we said we’d get a cartoon in the New Yorker, they all laughed. Well, they’re not laughing now.

Brilliant job, Mat!


Hey, I’ve got some pretty pictures in this here magazine! It’s been on newsstands for weeks. Whatcha waiting for?

You can get the details over at Tom Richmond’s MADblog!

Me too!

All three contestants didn’t bother to buzz in.

There’s a lot more comics over at Hey Mailman!

This chair looks like it has a rough night, and said some things he can’t take back.


Old baby.


Was watching “Married with Children”- the episode where Bud realizes he has mutant healing powers. #wolverine #budbundy

The final strip in a nine part story. Now that I spoiled the end, read the rest of it here.

ThIs doodle is my favorite one in the whole sketchbook.